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Supermarket’s cheap

The ‘craft beer’ in the supermarket hullabaloo continues to divide opinion, and while it’s not so neatly divided as (independent) retailers versus customers, it’s approaching it. I was broadly positive about Tesco’s move into ‘craft beer’ when I wrote this back in November, but my position has changed somewhat. I

Affinity Brew Co. – Tottenham

Tottenham is getting a new brewery for Christmas, with Affinity Brew Co. set to open its doors this Saturday. With Beavertown, Redemption and One Mile End already in the area, Tottenham now boasts a bona-fide brewing community, and as a resident of the hitherto unfashionable London Borough of Haringey, I am thankful.  I was

The Story of Pale Fire

“Everyone likes a pale ale and we’re no different.” This statement is taken from Pressure Drop Brewing’s website and is an understated introduction to a beer that’s gone on to become one of the most highly regarded pale ales in the country (or at least that’s the view from my hop-scented London

Small but perfectly formed – The London Beer House

I was completely oblivious to the existence of The London Beer House until last week when it was brought to my attention by Twitter. The diminutive tap room stocks cans of Island Records Session IPA, which I’ve been invited to review on the Beer O’clock Show next month, so I had the perfect reason to drop by. It’s a


With Friday’s news that a new Brewdog bar is to open next month, mere weeks after the opening of Brewdog Soho, people were asking whether we have too many Brewdog venues in London. If it was a Guardian article it would be irritatingly titled “Have we reached peak Brewdog?” If my maths is right I

A lot of bottle – inside We Brought Beer

As beer drinkers, we live in heady times. London now has 80+ breweries and numerous exciting venues and events. Another sign of beer’s unstoppable rise is the number of independent bottle shops that the capital boasts, bestowing upon us the gift of drinking great beer from here, and across the world, at home.  It

Made in Hackney – London Brewers’ Market

Hackney is synonymous with craft beer in London and is well represented at the London Brewers’ Market this Easter, with beers from Hackney Brewery and the event’s organisers, The Five Points Brewing Co. I was living in Hackney when the craft beer revolution started to gather pace; it was an exciting time as new breweries seemed to

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