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Latest Tech News

If you want to know about the latest tech news such as the cool geek gadgets in the market, you need to identify the best tech news sites. These are websites that have wide networks buttressing to tech companies that design top gadgets and software among others. Do not miss the latest news; here are the best sites to learn about them.

  • Wired.Com.

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Best Cool Gadgets of 2019

2019 was a year of smart and cool geek gadgets. The gadgets being sent into the market demonstrate the growing zeal of companies and experts to craft workable solutions to problems facing people today. These cool geek gadgets also demonstrate the intensifying competition as companies seek to either improve their products or outdo opponents. For example, smartphones such as the latest Galaxy S10 Note was an improvement of the previous model, Galaxy S9. Therefore, here are the top cool geek gadgets of 2019:

  • The Lenovo Smart Clock featuring Google Assistant.
  • Withings Move Activity and Sleep Watch.
  • The Mophie Juice Pack Access.
  • Waverly Ambassador Translator.
  • Moodo Smart Diffuser Bundle.
  • Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses.
  • KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect.
  • LG Signature OLED TV R9.

Overview of Virtual Reality Devices and Popular Games

In 2019, some of the cool geek gadgets that hit the market were based on virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality is a simulated experience that closely mimics different scenarios from the real world. And, virtual reality was also very influential in the design of the best games in 2019. Here is an overview of some of the VR cool geek gadgets and popular games:

  • 3DRudder for PlayStation VR

This is a virtual reality playstation that provides the player with the ability to see the environment in 360 degrees. The player can move characters and even take full control of the camera, freeing the device control to do other actions.

  • Nordic Track VR Bike

This is a workout VR device that provides displays featuring various landscapes to make you feel like you are in an actual trail in the woods. The bike works with HTC Vive Focus VR Headset and iFit. The headset also allows you to play games such as Bike Messenger, and Aeronauts. To stimulate inclines and declines, the Nordic Track VR Bike offers 10% declines and inclines to signal changing elevation. And you know what? Even the pedals also seek positions to sync with the changing inclines.

  • No Man’s Sky (PSVR)

This is an action-adventure type of survival game that allows the player to traverse and discover the game’s generated worlds. Many players like this game because of its impressive plot that simulates multiple scenarios. The sounds in the game are particularly impressive and make every scenario to feel real.

  • Vander Immortal

This is one of the best VR games that you should try today. It is a location-based VR experience game designed by ILMxLAB. In the game, you are able to explore the mystical depths of Mustafa. And because the game comes in series, you can expect the more thrill in the next episodes.

  • Social Club VR: Casino Nights 

Social Club VR: Casino Nights is a unique virtual reality casino that allows you to enter into a casino from the comfort of your home. Using virtual reality, you get the experience of a real casino such as meeting friends and playing casino games such as video poker, blackjack games, roulette games or Chess and Backgammon.

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