Best VR Video Games

A review of some of the best games for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive over the next twelve months.

2018 has been good with virtual reality. It has been a year full of launches that has begun to consolidate this technology. A technology that, let us remember, has no more than five Christmases behind its back. What initially appeared to be occasional surprises, such as Moss, ceased to be so with the E3 2018 announcements, in which studios such as From Software or Insomniac Games announced that they were also going to try their luck on VR.

And from there to Astro Bot, the game virtual reality deserved. A masterpiece that has reinvented the genre of platforms and put PlayStation VR on everyone’s lips. A game that invites us to look to the future of the device with optimism and enthusiasm. But what is that future? What is on the horizon of virtual reality? That is the question we have set out to answer today, and that is why in MeriStation we bring you 12 virtual reality games to follow in 2019.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Despite confirmation that the virtual reality features of the game would be limited to three missions, the Ace Combat saga had to be on the list. It was one of the first names that came to mind when the technology was introduced. Because if the missions for the Star Wars PlayStation VR: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were already impressive (and consisted of the same, rising the skies), How can we not rub our hands against what the king of the genre can achieve?

We will not have to wait too long to enjoy new and exciting √°ereal battles aboard all sorts of fighters. Ace Combat 7 will be one of the ones in charge of giving the starting pistol to 2019 as far as virtual reality is concerned. Between 3 and 5 hours of content in which to defend ground bases, shoot down targets, do free flight sessions, air shows… and all with four real vehicles available, with three exclusive weapons each.

Ghost Giant

One of the most eye-catching games of those on the list is undoubtedly Ghost Giant, the new of the creators of faith and Stick it to the Man! A precious adventure that many will recall the wonderful Moss, both for aesthetics and for the role of the player in history.

At Ghost Giant we will dive into the beautiful town of Sancourt, inhabited by all kinds of creatures in a sort of Animal Crossing. There we will meet Louis, with whom we will travel an open world full of small great stories. Adventures of which we can be part interacting with the scenery and its inhabitants. Without a doubt, a graphic adventure that enters through the eyes and to which, knowing its creators, deserves to follow the track.

Blood and Truth

With the same origins as Astro Bot (who was born as a PlayStation VR demo), Blood and Truth is born as the spiritual successor of the London Heist, an experience included as a PS VR demo in PlayStation VR Worlds. Of the hand of the London Studio, Blood and Truth will expand and deepen in the original proposal, full of action and shootings.

In the skin of Ryan Meyers, an elite soldier who seeks to rescue his family from the hands of the mafia, we will live a raw shooter loaded with adrenaline and black humor, in which the narrative will play a very important role and the PlayStation Move will try to repeat Until Dawn’s winning formula: Rush of Blood.

Blunt Force

Coming from a Polish studio formed in 2018, Blunt Force has begun to draw attention strongly due to its attractive visual appearance and particular proposal. The game will plunge us into two parallel stories set both in World War II. One takes place before the conflict and another takes place during the conflict. Both sides will converge into an exciting plot, which does not seem to neglect gameplay.

The game will have phases of action and shooting, with arcade Mode included, and more relaxed and calm moments in which to solve puzzles and riddles, as we gradually discover what connects both timelines and how they affect each other.


Oculus 007 already has a name: Defector. An exciting spy thriller in which we will do everything James Bond would do. Jumping out of planes on the fly, dealing with all sorts of thugs and mercenaries, driving luxury sports cars… and of course, persecutions, impossible jumps and action, lots of action.

The game will allow us to deal with situations in different ways and even have multiple lines of dialogue in order to allow us to answer the other characters. Our decisions and responses will have an impact on the history and course of missions. Waiting to test its gameplay, it seems to be an indispensable stop for adventure lovers and fans of the genre. Because there’s never enough spy pens, or secret compartments for everyone.

For that matter, the game is signed by the guys from Twisted Pixel (Splosion Man, LocoCycle…), guarantee of at least good doses of fun.


If Nostos fulfills his promise, he is called to be one of the great names of 2019. We’re talking about an MMO of virtual reality set in a cel-shaded world full of color and life. Is reminiscent to The Legend of Zelda series, tales of, and especially to Sword Art Online. An online game in which we will have to explore a vast realm, climb, build houses, fight all kinds of monsters, and as much as we can imagine, and in which day and night as well as seasons will play a key role on the stage.

The game will mix matches with modern and fantasy weapons, with combinations of pistols and bows and swords, but appears to be in an early stage of development. The number of players it will support is not yet clear (the demonstrations did not exceed 4), and it could be that instead the only thing it keeps from MMO are the dimensions of the stage.

Trevor Saves the Universe

This year we were happy with how much fun Rick And Morty had gone out: Virtual Rick-Ality, a game that only needed to be a bit longer and more ambitious in its proposals. As if picking up our glove, Rick And Morty’s creator, Justin Roiland, announced on the E3 of 2018 that he is already preparing his second foray into the world of virtual reality: Trevor Saves the Universe.

A striking project that seems to keep the whole mood of the series and offer a playable proposal much richer and deeper than that of Virtual Rick-Ality. Soon as the experience is as fun as that of the latter, it will have been worth (and a lot).

Vacation Simulator

Without a doubt, Job Simulator is one of the most recommendable games to be released in virtual reality. An original proposal that is both intuitive and fun. This 2019 its creators will offer us a sequel in the same line and with the same good roll: Vacation Simulator. Because “after work, tap go on holiday.” Makes sense.

The Owlchemy Labs sequel will offer wider and more crowded scenarios if there are objects to interact with. Although a vacation never gives too much rest if the Job-Bots travel with you…

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Who’d tell us we’d be so looking forward to a hunting simulator. Of course, maybe it has to do with us talking about a very special one where we hunt… they’re nazis. Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is the new delivery, exclusive of virtual reality, of a saga that seems to be living a second youth this generation.

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