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Virtual Reality (VR) is the epitome of modern technology. It is used to design virtually everything, from workout devices such as bikes to modern entertainment. And now, it has become the defining technology in casinos. Welcome to VR casino online!

How Virtual Reality is changing the Casino Experience

Virtual reality has brought the immersive and uniquely interactive experiences that are revolutionizing the gambling world. Virtual reality helps to create the experience of a live casino online from the comfort of the players’ living room. The VR is changing the casinos in two ways: entertainment and real cash casinos. Entertainment casinos allow people to play various games such as blackjack, roulette and slots for fun. You can also watch 3d simulated matches of Football, Hockey, Horse racing, etc., and bet on them live. These simulations are very popular and are available 24/7 in online casinos, offering constant excitement. The other option is where you play with real cash using 3D platforms. Well, you feel like in a real casino playing the casino games!

Slot Millions was the first casino to use VR by allowing players to walk around the room. When people win in different casino games, you will see them dance and rejoice right in front of you. You can find this game and many more others at Silver Oak casino, for which you can read the full review at Internetpoker.cc. With top casino software designers such as Microgaming and NetEnt busy working on more VR casino games, VR live casinos online are going to increase. The games and thrill will also improve.

Requirements for Playing

When gamblers come to learn about the VR live casino online, the first question is; what is the best way to play? Well, here are the requirements for you to play the newest VR live casinos.

  • Join a VR live casino online. This will involve registering for a user account in an online casino to get the gaming user interface.
  • Acquire a VR headset and Compatible VR iGambling platform. These devices are used to simulate the experience of a live casino.
  • Note that like in most casinos online, you need to be connected to the internet to use VR live casino online.


Social Club: Casino Nights – Best VR Game

Social Club: Casino Nights has become the face of VR online casinos. The moment you enter Social Club: Casino Nights, there is a feeling that you have joined a high-end casino offering a diversity of games. The best game you can play in the casino is VR video poker. Here is a closer review of the game:

The game is designed with a detailed-interface and players that make the setting feel just like in a real casino. Besides, you get a number of Texas Holdโ€™em poker tables, and it is up to you to select the preferred one. The casino gifts players with free casino bonus in the form of chips for having a winning hand.

Note that every table features different levels of buy-in, just like in a real casino. Therefore, you should anticipate that players with more skills are going to scoop more chips. Because of this, you better hone your skills in poker before heading to the Social Club: Casino Nights. Other top casinos games you can play in the casino include slots games, blackjack games, roulette games, backgammon, chess, and video poker.

Online Real Money VR Casino Live Games

If you want to play with real money in a VR live casino online, the experience will be scintillating. You can even experience these fantastic games for free with the no deposit bonus from online casinos. This bonus will give you free spins to use on any real money game without the requirement to deposit. But which games do you play? Here are reviews of the best games to play today.

  • Slotmillions: This is one of the best VR slots games you can play in most VR casinos today. It was developed by Lucky VR, and comprises of multiple slot machines in a gameroom that gives the impression of the real slots. Gameroom is positioned in a tall building with an attractive city visible below it. And, you can even lean on the window, if you do not fear to fall. The game comes with an impressive 24/7 customer support and allows you to play with real cash.


  • PokerStars VR: This game combines online and live poker to create an impressive VR experience that makes players feel like they are in a real casino. It has impressive environments, card movements, and generous casino bonus. And that is not all. It also has interactive accessories and levels.
  • Mini-Mech Mayhem: This is another popular VR casino game that requires you to team with friends to craft a winning strategy. Then, you use play cards to get your team back when they get off-track. You can opt for a single-player challenge of play as a team.


If you have not tried VR casinos, you are missing a lot. It is time to try your hand plying the impressive games, and the experience will be amazing.

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