The Best Augmented Reality Games

Today we propose several games for mobile, based on augmented reality that  gather fans around the world through the streets of a city.

Mobile video games based on augmented reality provide a wide variety of possibilities, although they are not getting the momentum initially thought of, some have managed to create authentic fan tides roaming the cities in search of challenges or treasures.

The combination of the real world and the video game gets players encouraged to leave the console at home and have fun exercising outdoors and even meeting other players face to face.

They are also a cheaper resource that does not require expensive virtual reality equipment, so you only need your mobile and download the app. However, there are some inconveniences, such as the use of data, since we are in the street without access to Wi-Fi we can run out of data on our mobile without realizing it; and the battery cost, it would be advisable to have a portable battery at hand that does not give the possibility to continue playing for a while longer.

What is Augmented Reality?

Below we recommend a series of games for Android and iOS, some free and others for payment.

Pokémon Go(Trade Pokémon GO)

Started by Pokémon Go. I’m sure he was one of the first to come to your head when you saw the title of this list. This global phenomenon engaged players of all ages, even those unfamiliar with the Japanese cartoon saga.

Some were content to follow their daily routine and check their mobile from time to time to find a Charmander near the table in class or work. Other more fanatics walked through streets and streets in groups looking for these characters and competing with each other.

Ingress(Entries, Google Virtual Reality Game, Reaches iPhone)

The world is divided into two factions The Enlightened and the Resistance competing with each other for control of an energy. Niantic Labs created this game more than six years ago and its goal remains to gather players and encourage them to explore the city, monuments, squares and parks by collecting XM or energy units before the other side.

The weekend of November 16-18 is organizing an event in Barcelona, an opportunity to meet other players and overcome missions as well as explore the city. “Scout Hank Johnson needs you. To avoid losing your memories, you need to pick up the Artifacts Recusions. One of these artifacts will appear and be claimed by the winner of this deviation. Will you?”they explain on the web where they even suggest “Ingres hotels” for those who come from other parts of the world to this appointment.

Zombies Run(Mobile AR Games)

The planet is infected with zombies, if you find one, run!. This augmented reality game will keep you alert, you will find living dead in the streets and you will have to flee from them, but not only that, you will have to collect supplies to build a shelter.

Of all the games we propose to you in this list is the one that most encourages the exercise, put on comfortable clothes because you will have to run a lot, accompanied or alone, as you like, but you know that the union makes the force.

Jurassic World Alive(Mobile AR Games)

Jurassic World Alive is a game very similar to Pokémon Go, except that instead of looking for Pokémon, it is the dinosaurs that can find you. Once you run into one, you have to hunt him down. The game provides tools such as drones and other utensils to hunt prehistoric animals and get a blood sample that helps us raise our level. With these blood samples hybrid races are created as in the last film of the saga.

The ultimate goal of the game is to build our own dinosaur army to fight in real-time PVP battles.

The Machine(Mobile AR Games)

With a maximum of six people, you can transform any flat surface into a battlefield against your playmates. You must move with your smartphone around the board looking for the best positions, ” be careful with the other player’s position in the real world and go to your favorite place as fast as you can to achieve a more effective and accurate goal. Physical contact allowed … but the rules of Fair Play apply, ” explains the developers.

Warhammer 400.000: Freeblade(warhammer, freeblade)

Another good option may be the Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade augmented reality game, which is inspired by the famous Games Workshop brand and has been developed by Pixel Toys. For those of you who do not know, the epic history of this action game has more than 170 missions in which we control an Imperial Knight and his war machine with which to destroy any enemy who dares to stand in our way.

Nightenfell(Mobile AR Games)

Nightenfell is a multiplayer augmented reality game. Full of shots, spells and riddles in a fantasy world where you develop the magical power of each to reach the highest levels before the rest of the players.

Ticket to Earth(Mobile AR Games)

This is a strategy game in which the player must defend himself against all threats by Ingenuity. It has very good graphics that help immerse yourself in the game and a combat story inspired by RPG or role-playing video games in a world of futuristic and colorful design, in case you are fond of this kind of games.

WallaMe(Mobile AR Games)

This is the simplest game of all, allows you to leave hidden messages to friends. By taking a photograph in a specific place, you just have to add a drawing to the text and save it. Then your friends can reach the same site activate this application and discover your message. It is a simple idea but it can have many possibilities.

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