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A Glaswegian beer geek / professional drinker based in London, Brew Geekery is where I share my views on the beer scene here and beyond. London’s hop-scented beer bubble is a small place, and as a result I have formed friendships with people who work in the industry in one form or another, so it is a constant battle to maintain objectivity. If and when I fall short in this I fully expect to be called out on it. Also, as a blogger it is common to be sent samples (i.e. beer) and to receive gratis invites to otherwise ticketed events, and the following is my attempt at a disclosure policy:

  • If I accept samples or invitations and write about them it will be stated clearly at the bottom of the post
  • It is made clear that any resulting blog post is not guaranteed to be a positive one – it is up to the reader to decide whether the post is objective or not
  • I never accept samples or invitations on the proviso that I will write a blog post in return – I will only do so if I feel sufficient, relevant content has been generated
  • I will never contact any company or establishment and request samples or invitations (I believe this to be unethical and unacceptable), but I’m happy to receive unsolicited offers as long as they are relevant to this blog
  • I am happy to consider writing professionally should anyone deem my work sufficiently worthy, but if I do so it will be explicit and not on this platform – this is not a commercial project but a forum for me to share my passion for good beer
  • If I share details of a free sample or invite on Twitter or Instagram I will add #FreeSample or #FreeInvite

Now, where’s that bottle opener?

In Beer We Trust


Brew Geekery

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