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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung did not immediately manage to bring perfect smartwatches, but eventually the Koreans released a model that can be safely recommended as one of the best gadgets in its class.

Watches aren’t cheap, but they’re really good. Stylish design, metal, unique swivel ring, actually the highest quality screen in the class. The watch works perfectly not only with Samsung smartphones but also with any other on Android.

Well, the main thing โ€” and even the strap is decent to pick up. Then these expensive watches really look solid on the hand, unlike many other smartwatches on the market, which, frankly, in style fit only Sheldon Cooper or Howard Wolowitz.

Huawei Headphones

Wires from headphones can spoil any stylish image, so wireless headphones have long been a real must-have for all geeks. The new Huawei Free Birds Lite fits any smartphone and guarantees smooth operation via Bluetooth. In addition to the stylish minimalist design, the headphones have powerful technical characteristics: polyurethane membranes and titanium coating provide clear and rich sound even at high frequencies. Headphones will not fall out-Free Bass Line comes with standard rubber earbuds in three sizes and another pair of sports. FreeBSD Lite headphones are equipped with an infrared sensor that detects when the headphones are removed from the ears, after which the music is automatically paused. When you return headphones to the ears of the playback resumes.

Actenzo Fitness Bracelet

Actenzo can not be called just a fitness bracelet. Under the guise of stylish watches hides a smart health service. The smart device monitors not only daily activity and sleep, but also important physiological data such as ECG, blood pressure, quality of sleep and recovery, stress level, the fitness of the body.

The data is stored in the cloud, which can be accessed through a special application or web platform. If the program notices any negative dynamics, it informs the owner about it and recommends to consult a doctor. Actenzo is a service that you can trust with your health.

Tablet from Samsung

Tablet Samsung Tab S5e has a wide range of opportunities for work, entertainment and communication. The device received a large 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display with an invisible “Home” key and four built-in speakers from AKG with a powerful deep sound. Compact and elegant design, thin metal body (5.5 mm) and lightweight (only 400 g) make it the perfect portable gadget for travel. Extensive features for productive work allow you to use the tablet to edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets, view large texts and other activities during work trips.

Canyon Smartwatch

Canyon brand, known in the market of accessories for mobile devices and PCs, presented a new collection of smart gadgets. The most sporty model is the intelligent heavy-duty watch of geometric design CNS-SW72. The device is black (CNS-SW72BB) and equipped with two straps: metal with magnetic clasp and polyurethane.

The CNS-SW72 appears to be the optimal wearable gadget for adherents of an energetic pace of life thanks to a large set of sensors and a high-quality 1.22-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240ร—240 pixels. The metal case of the increased durability completely protects an accessory from mechanical damages, and the compact size and ease does not give superfluous loading on a hand. The battery allows you to use the gadget for up to 15 days without recharging. Water sports enthusiasts will be pleased with the water resistance, which allows you to withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. The CNS-SW72 is optimized for the most popular sports.

Portable Projectorย  Multi CUBE

The first safe gadget for children, a representative of the new category of products Kids Assistant, the world’s first assistant for modern parents in the upbringing of a child. Favorite cartoons can be watched anywhere-portable projector gives a bright and clear image, safe for vision. Parents can be sure that kids will see age-appropriate content without scenes of violence, advertising and demonstration of aggressive behavior. Thanks to the ability to design video in the most convenient way (even on the wall) “Multi CUBE” as an analogue version to tablets and TVs is absolutely safe. It allows you to maintain the baby’s posture, is harmless to the eyes, as it does not give a blue spectrum of radiation, does not destroy melatonin, which is responsible for healthy sleep, and ensures the health of the child’s nervous system.

External Battery to Charge

No matter how beautiful all of the above gadgets are, without electricity they are not worth anything. So you just need to get its uninterrupted source at least for mobile devices. A constant charge to your smartphone or tablet will provide a super stylish battery toCHARGE, which has become a universal favorite of men’s Health in 2019. The battery case has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices at the same time, so pack an elegant “pebble” in a special storage bag that comes with the kit, throw it in a backpack and go for a walk, even on the other side of the planet.

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