Huckle The Barber and Redchurch Brewery

I may be a beer geek with a beard but I’m not a hipster, whatever that is. I may even get my beard trimmed at a barbers in Shoreditch, but I’m still not a hipster. I’ve had a beard since before they were quite so ubiquitous, in an attempt to compensate for the tragically early onset of male pattern baldness *sad face*. However, if I’m going to have my beard trimmed anywhere, it’s going to be at a place that serves up a complimentary beer from the Redchurch Brewery while I do so.
Yes, Huckle The Barber is achingly cool, but there’s no attitude from the staff who are friendly, down to earth and well, normal. And more importantly, should you go you can enjoy a very good beer before/during/after your trim from Redchurch, who have received major kudos for a range of highly accomplished beers, and who have a refreshingly understated approach to advertising. I’m not knocking Brewdog et al by the way, and I’ve previously wrote of how some breweries are missing a trick with their reluctance to use social media to hawk their wares, but sometimes less is more. What’s on offer depends on what Huckle have in – I’ve had the Shoreditch Blonde, the limited edition Paradise Pale and Bethnal Pale Ale over the last year; the latter, brewed with new world hops, may seem ten a penny these days but this is a beautifully balanced version of the style. Huckle also hosts a  regular free comedy night, “Cut Throat Comedy”, which is BYOB, and with City Road Beverage Company (now Amathus Shoreditch) across the road, you’re all set for a good night. If you appreciate good beer and are getting bored of your current barber’s chit-chat, you could do worse than booking an appointment at Huckle.

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