The definition of craft beer

Brewers, beer geeks and bloggers have long argued about how to define craft beer, or whether it needs to be defined at all. Such is the abiding nature of the debate it’s become something of a running joke, but the formation of the United Craft Brewers this year has breathed new life

Green Beer

No, this isn’t a post about idiots adding green dye to beer for Paddy’s Day. It’s about ethics, and how beer geeks are in denial about the environmental impact of brewing. I’ve pondered this before as part of the wider “food miles” debate, and my consciousness was raised again by an article from the Matador

Huckle The Barber and Redchurch Brewery

I may be a beer geek with a beard but I’m not a hipster, whatever that is. I may even get my beard trimmed at a barbers in Shoreditch, but I’m still not a hipster. I’ve had a beard since before they were quite so ubiquitous, in an attempt to compensate for the tragically

The Public House

Three newspaper articles published recently raise the spectre of the demise of pub culture in this country. The first was this by Tony Naylor writing in The Guardian, lamenting the end of the “quick pint”, prompted by a statistic claiming 90% of visits to the pub now involve having a meal. The statistic doesn’t stand up to

Howling Hops Tank Bar

My Twitter timeline went into a frenzy on Friday when Howling Hops announced the opening of its new brewery and “tank bar” in Hackney Wick. Open from 10am – 11pm seven days a week, Howling Hops Tank Bar is minutes from the Overground station and spitting distance from Crate Brewery.With Truman’s

Beer review – Old Greg’s Barley Wine

This post is a cut and paste job from my old blog, but I picked up another bottle today so thought it worth sharing – it’s still available at Dusty Dick’s in Crouch End… I don’t do new year resolutions as a rule but I’ve decided to start a beer “cellar” rather

The Tart of the matter

Type the word “tart” into Google, and the first result is from the Urban Dictionary website, which gives the following definition: A nubile young temptress, who dresses teasingly and provocatively. “Man, look at those thigh-high stockings and that little schoolgirl dress. She’s such a tart.” The Twitter beer world descended into (relative) chaos

Going home somewhere new

We got married at the Glasgow Art Club last Saturday and it was an amazing day. It’s a fantastic venue, and everything went well; from the Celtic FC tablet (a fudge-like, sugary confection from Scotland) we had as favours, to introducing Brewdog to a new audience at the drinks reception. The highlight of course was

Made in Hackney – London Brewers’ Market

Hackney is synonymous with craft beer in London and is well represented at the London Brewers’ Market this Easter, with beers from Hackney Brewery and the event’s organisers, The Five Points Brewing Co. I was living in Hackney when the craft beer revolution started to gather pace; it was an exciting time as new breweries seemed to

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