Cloudwater and the cask beer ‘craftermath’ – a blog post round-up

We all know by this stage that from this year Cloudwater will no longer be putting its beer in casks. While cask ale was a destination on my beer journey and I continue to enjoy it, I don’t have as meaningful a relationship with it as some do, and for this reason I don’t feel inclined comment. The ‘craftermath’ to Cloudwater’s announcement has been considerable, which prompted @landells to ask that someone do a roundup of blog posts written in response – this is an attempt to do so. The responses vary in perspective, and if I’ve missed any out please let me know and I’ll add them as and when.

Happy reading. Well, maybe not happy reading but carry on regardless.

Boak and Bailey: BREAKFAST DEBATE: Is the Cloudwater News the End of the World?

Beeson On Beer: Cloudwater, CAMRA and the culture of cask beer

Total Ales: Cloudbusting – Unpacking Cloudwater’s Decision to Drop Cask Beer

Tandleman: Nothing Much to See Here. Move Along

Ed: Passion proves no match for capitalism

Pete Brissenden: Cloudwater and casks

Beer Nouveau: Costs, Quality (Again) And That Elusive Profit

Mark Johnson: THE STATE OF CASK part 1: How do the Brewers solve a problem like cask?

Mark Johnson: THE STATE OF CASK part 2: The Cask Consumers

Mark Johnson: THE STATE OF CASK part 3: The Selling Point of Point of Sale

Hardknott Dave: Looking forward

Beers Manchester: The Beerage : From Rags to Riches – Part II (Or “To Cask or Not To Cask? That Is The Question.”)

Zythophile: Cloudwater, quality and Camra dinosaurs

Oh Good Ale: In your own way


Drinking Got Me Thinking: C.A.S.K. report

Beer Battered: Cask beer at a crossroads?

Siren Craft Brew: The Year & Beer Ahead

The MA:  Pete Brown: why it’s time to say no to bad cask ale

The MA: CAMRA boss defends against cask ale snub

Protz on Beer: Comment Brown’s cask attack is wide of the mark


Image courtesy of Cloudwater Brew Co. 

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