Craft Beer

Has SIBA taken ownership of “craft beer”?

With Tuesday’s news that the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) is to offer its members the accreditation of ‘British craft brewer’ – ostensibly in an attempt to reclaim the ‘C’ word from ‘big beer’ – has it has committed the same act of linguistic appropriation the macros stand accused of? While it’s welcome that someone, anyone, has

Bros just wanna have fun

If you want to understand the concept of privilege, simply observe the reaction to the latest instalment of the Cloudwater/J Wakefield labelling clusterfuck. The breweries were rightly held to account by beer drinkers on Twitter, but this didn’t go down well with less politically engaged members of the beer community. I’m

Supermarket’s cheap

The ‘craft beer’ in the supermarket hullabaloo continues to divide opinion, and while it’s not so neatly divided as (independent) retailers versus customers, it’s approaching it. I was broadly positive about Tesco’s move into ‘craft beer’ when I wrote this back in November, but my position has changed somewhat. I

Let them drink (crappy) stout

Last week, I was in a well-known London ‘craft beer’ pub when the bore tending bar declared that they have ‘crappy stout’ Camden Ink on ‘for the peasants’. He was talking to two young beer enthusiasts who were sat at the bar hanging on his every word, having already regaled

Why do we drink beer where we drink beer?

As beer enthusiasts, we are often reminded of our obligation to support the public house. I adore pubs, and love to spend hour upon hour in them socialising with friends, and when I drink at home I experience a very, very mild pang of guilt. I’d estimate that at least  half

Cloudwater and the cask beer ‘craftermath’ – a blog post round-up

We all know by this stage that from this year Cloudwater will no longer be putting its beer in casks. While cask ale was a destination on my beer journey and I continue to enjoy it, I don’t have as meaningful a relationship with it as some do, and for this reason I don’t feel

Affinity Brew Co. – Tottenham

Tottenham is getting a new brewery for Christmas, with Affinity Brew Co. set to open its doors this Saturday. With Beavertown, Redemption and One Mile End already in the area, Tottenham now boasts a bona-fide brewing community, and as a resident of the hitherto unfashionable London Borough of Haringey, I am thankful.  I was

Tesco Finest?

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, it won’t have escaped your attention that Tesco expanded its ‘craft beer’ range last month. The multinational behemoth now offers up to 30 brands at 400 of its ‘Express’ stores, with a guarantee that all beers will be refrigerated.* Good news? Well that

Stone Brewing, beer, and shifting sands

A lesson from last week’s news out of Stone Brewing – if you want to maintain credibility, don’t make a rhetorical rod for your back. We’re told Stone has been ‘challenging convention since 1996’, but laying off more than 50 members of staff in the wake of a multimillion dollar private equity investment

Bottle dropped

I stopped off at my local Oddbins to pick up some beers yesterday, and with a 25-minute walk home ahead of me, I chose cans (the Pressure Drop and Mondo beers above notwithstanding). We’ve all seen the infographics and articles proclaiming the superiority of cans as a container of beer,

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