Social media-free bottle share (April edition)

The second social media-free bottle share – raising money for charity – will take place on Wednesday 25 April at Affinity Brew Co. in Bermondsey. This follows on from the January event held at Caps and Taps which raised £100 for Camden Foodbank. This time we’re raising funds for Bloody Good

Recognise and prioritise your social lives

The ongoing buffoonery, hostility and zealotry on beer Twitter has been grinding me down of late. In response I decided to organise a social media-free bottle share which took place at the venerable Caps and Taps last Wednesday, The premise was simple: guests were asked to bring a bottle or two for

Bros just wanna have fun

If you want to understand the concept of privilege, simply observe the reaction to the latest instalment of the Cloudwater/J Wakefield labelling clusterfuck. The breweries were rightly held to account by beer drinkers on Twitter, but this didn’t go down well with less politically engaged members of the beer community. I’m

Livin’ la vida local

Boak & Bailey asked ‘what is a local?’ in October and it’s a question I’ve pondered for some time. Ironically, for me it needn’t be that local; it’s a pub you frequent. I tend to favour pubs serving *what I regard to be* good beer, but this wasn’t always the

Why do we drink beer where we drink beer?

As beer enthusiasts, we are often reminded of our obligation to support the public house. I adore pubs, and love to spend hour upon hour in them socialising with friends, and when I drink at home I experience a very, very mild pang of guilt. I’d estimate that at least  half

2016 and beer

I posted my ‘Golden Pints’ for the first time last year and I was sure it would be an annual event. However, this year my heart’s not in it, which I attribute to nothing more than than the undulating landscape of mood/humour. Enthusiasm ebbs and flows like the tide, and contributing

Bottle dropped

I stopped off at my local Oddbins to pick up some beers yesterday, and with a 25-minute walk home ahead of me, I chose cans (the Pressure Drop and Mondo beers above notwithstanding). We’ve all seen the infographics and articles proclaiming the superiority of cans as a container of beer,

Toilet humour

The “craft beer revolution” of the last ten years has led to an attempt to elevate the status of beer, with a new generation of breweries, informed by tradition but unconstrained by it, creating ever more diverse and flavourful beers.  We also have a new generation of pubs, bars and

Toast Ale – born and bread in Hackney

If your Twitter timeline is anything like mine then you can’t have escaped the launch of Toast Ale, a beer brewed with surplus bread by Hackney Brewery. With all profits going to Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste, it’s a worthy cause. While beer and bread have much

How to call out bad beer

Social media is often used as a forum to criticise beer, or to titillate with supposed cases of bad practice by breweries, be they ethical or technical. This post from Mark Johnson is a common sense lesson in how breweries should respond to such criticism. However, how should we beer geeks express that criticism

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